Hamold Stagclaw


A young man of 19, with flowing golden locks and a beautiful resonant voice that ranges from low to high as he sings. Dark skinned and fierce eyed, his youth is evident in his curious, forthright, and sometimes reckless demeanor. He bears a single long thin scar lining the side of his left forearm, the only reminder of the battles he participated in as a skald in his tribe. He wears well-made deerskin pants that are fastened by a belt festooned with the bones of orcs, boars, and wolves.

From the back of his the haft of a curious blade can be see protruding behind his neck. This greatsword appears out of place among Hamold’s other primitive gear. It is honed finely on either edge, and ornamented along the blade with strange runic symbols that glow faintly in the darkness. A ruby is set into the pommel, glowing with a furious red light.

This is Ballad of Bloodshed, the parting gift of Hamold’s mentor Stonesong, who in turn had received it from his mentor before. That man, Tiriano Castian, was said to have slain a whole orc patrol by himself with the blade, after being ambushed while composing a ballad upon the road. Legend states that he completed the ballad just as he lopped off the orc chieftain’s head in a powerful enraged charge. Hamold values the sword above his own life, as the reminder of the honor he owes to his mentor and the legendary skalds of old.


Like a new sprig from the long branch of an ancient oak is Hamold Stagclaw, the freshness and naivety of youth initiated into the wisdom and strength of age. The raw, primitive, untamed power, and chaos of nature wells up in young Stagclaw, threatening to burst free into a furious rage, while the legends and aura of the Skalds of yore inspire and thrust him forward to win his own renown.

The second son of the tribal chieftain of the Stagclaw tribe, Hamold was always overshadowed on the battlefield by his stronger, tougher, older brother. Even as his brother seemed destined to become a great chief and warlord, Hamold found a different path. Stonesong, the tribal Skald was well known for his deeds of valor in war and peace, and was already a legend in the songs of the age. Listening to the older mans songs, Hamold felt drawn to the stories of ancient heroes and skalds fighting through unbeatable odds to win victory and glory. From a young age Hamold knew that one day he would not only write songs about great acts of heroism, but he would be a great hero worthy of the songs that would be sung in his honor.

Hamold learned the ways of the skald from Stonesong: how to inspire his allies in war and to intimidate his foes. How to support from the rear when the fighting was bloody and how to charge to the front to land a slaying blow. How to negotiate, befriend, and manipulate, an important duty of the skalds in the tribes in the great Barbarian plains. And how to sing the legends, epics, odes, and songs of the past and present, a keeper of the knowledge of countless generations.

One night, as lightning crackles in the distance and thunder rolls across the plains, Hamold feels the call, the call of adventure. Stepping into the building winds from his animal skin hut, Hamold faces the oncoming storm. Lightning flashes defiantly in the mountains to the west as the dark clouds roil and roll ever closer. As the skies open open up and the heavens weep, Hamold draws his greatsword; holding it aloft he cries out it’s name. The greatsword bursts into flame as lightning crackles across the plains, the storm descending from the mountains and moving with unthinkable speed, the thunder rolling into the distance like a mighty storm giant boasting his strength.

Guided only by instinct and a drive to win unparalleled glory and fame, Hamold charges into the storm, proclaiming an epic song of the ancient heroes and skalds that passed down their tales. Where there is fame to be won and songs to be sung, Hamold Stagclaw will be there to stake his claim among the greatest.

Hamold Stagclaw

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