Let's go hunting!

Day 3 - Lunar Phase: Waxing crescent

Determined to make the most of a half days worth fo travel, Laucian heads off ready to resume the travels. Mid-Stride, he freezes. Coming out of the city Laucian has completely lost all sense of direction, so turned around that up might as well be down Laucian realizes in a burst of clarity that he is hopelessly lost. As Laucian stands there, staring blankly into the distance trying to determine which direction to go, Gorgamesh stands impatiently unsure of what has caused this ill-timed delay.

Growing ever more impatient Gorgamesh begins pressing Laucian to lead on, but Laucian knows that to do so now would be hopeless. Resigning to retrace his steps the duo heads back into the city. Unsurprisingly, Laucian becomes even more lost and finds himself walking among the city outskirts again, in a different direction. Once more into the city, and Once more hopelessly lost. Laucians training counts for nothing as his mind becomes a blank as a fresh snowfall, and Gorgamesh grows impatient beyond control and weighs the options of finding his way on his own. Reluctantly resigning to the fact that he is ultimately a stranger in this land and would no doubt be lost in the hills and trees, he decides instead that perhaps a rock to the head will jog Laucians memory. 

Head slightly sore, but before Gorgamesh can locate a stone large enough stone to do significant damage an epiphany strikes Laucian as quick and violent as lighting. THE MOUNTAINS ARE TO THE WEST!! Almost like a sign from the gods, he at long last remembers that an ENORMOUS mountain range lies to the west of their location and they are headed towards the southern tip on their SouthWest route to Marg Udzon.

Heading off at long last in their intended direction, our duo hustles to make up for lost time. 

With the sun hanging 4 hands high off the horizon, our duo crosses a fresh boar track in their hurry SW. The earth so disturbed by numbers and rooting that even in their hustle the tracks could be spotted with ease. Fresh meat did sound good, and in their hustle they've made time and an appetite. 

Tracking the beasts a short distance away, the pack is found by a small river. near 30 adults led by the Alpha rest and feed in the warm afternoon sun. Although he was young, Gorgamesh remembers hunting these creatures with his kind. Attack directly and the pack will tear them to shreds, the alpha in particular standing as tall as Gorgamesh is particularly vicious and would not stop fighting until death. Devising a Plan, our duo sneaks into nearby woods and spots a small group of Boar that have separated themselves slightly from the mass of the pack; this is their opportunity. 

Summoning a Mace of spiritual energy Gorgamesh commands commands the mace to attack one of the lone boar, who after a brief fight with the summoned weapon flees in confusion just as intended. Laucian, is overzealous. Bow in hand he looses an arrow towards another Boar and is spotted. with a cry of pain the Boar tears toward Laucian drawing the attention of others nearby. Before long Laucian will be overrun and torn to shreds, Gorgamesh flees, knowing that Laucians mistake will not cost him his life as well. Laucian follows not long behind after realizing the folly of his attack. 

Messy, but still successful. Gorgamesh was able to drive away a single boar from the herd. Urging Laucian to rectify his mistake, Gorgamesh convinces Laucian to track the lone boar, and then engage in single combat to finish it off. All the while Gorgamesh sits regally upon a nearby hill reveling in his ability to make little creatures dance and jerk when he pulls their strings. 

Boar hunt over, and game bagged. Our duo now commences to dressing and quartering the beast. leaving with a substantial amount of fresh meat for the remainder of their travels.

Continuing onwards towards their destination, our half blood duo soon finds themselves facing another night on the plains. Camp set, bedrolls laid out, another days rations of preserved meats and fruits down and our duo shuts their eyes for the long night after taking refuge in a secluded recess in the trees. 

The night goes by silently, and our duo gets some much needed rest. 


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