A city so silent, it's deafening

Day 3

Gorgamesh awakes to a morning like any other, he kneels in his bedroll and recites his preyers to Gruumsh and for the glory of Orc-Kind. Laucian awakes and immediately begins inspecting the site of the nights intrusion.

There among the sticks, as clear as the elven blood in his veins. what appears to be a wolf print from the wolf that was no wolf. Searching the area nearby, a half print here, an overturned twig, a slightly depressed rock there, subtle signs of an intruder circling the camp; watching. 

Search complete, Prayers finished, camp broken down and morning rations choked down. Our duo is definitely looking forward to a chance at a warm meal and a little resupplying at the nearby city. 

An hour of travel passes in the span of a heartbeat, and at long last they have reached the outskirts of Oz Vidge but something appears out of place, outposts are unmanned, checkpoints are abandoned, buildings sit in disrepair. Something feels unnatural.

Continuing towards the central area of the city in search of life, our duo makes a startling discovery: there's not a soul to be found, not even a shred of life. Not a bird or fox, not a tree or shrub, not even a single blade of grass can be seen in this deathly silent collection of dilapidated Orc buildings. In deafening silence our duos observe the area, it does not appear there was a battle, no weapons lay broken, no rotting corpses, no broken down doors. It almost appears as though everybody walked away in the middle of a normal day, or disappeared into thin air. In some places tattered and windtorn clothes remain hanging on ropes left out to dry. In a building a table is set for a meal, undisturbed by even a single fly, the now rotten food sits idly on the table. 

Realising now that the opportunity to restock on supplies will be slim, Laucian and Gorgamesh set off to scavenge what they can from any building looking sturdy enough to stand the intrusion. A few pieces of preserved meat, some well preserved jams, enough to ration out for a few days. 

As they search, one building draws Laucians eye, a central building on the main thoroughfare that has been burned to the ground; the only such building they have seen in this silent city. While in Laucian it curiosity, it summons only anger in Gorgamesh. as Laucian inspects the debris Gorgamesh looks on in Skepticism. Circling the building something strange becomes apparent, this fire appears to have started in 2 places at roughly the same time. Once at the front entrance, and once at the back, leaving no alternative doors or windows suitable for escape.

While Laucian searches the wreckage of the blaze, Gorgamesh continues his search of the few remaining buildings, entering one very promising 2 story building just across the main thoroughfare from the Burned building Laucian is searching. Discovering what appears to be a Storeroom, Gorgamesh attempts to open the door, but finds it jammed shut with the weight of the ceiling above. With reckless abandon Gorgamesh throws his full weight into the door, with a loud CRACK the door is thrown open. 

Dust sprinkles ever so gently from spreading cracks in the ceiling. the soft popping and cracking of wood shifting and settling under massive weight can be heard all around Gorgamesh. Slowly, the popping and cracking quiets and the dust ceases to fall. Gorgamesh steps through the narrow doorway into the 10×10 storeroom and finds he has his pick of whatever he could possibly want. Preserved fruits, vegetables, salted meats, mead, spices and herbs, unlabeled liquids. As he grabs the salted meats and mead and a few assorted foodstuffs an earthshattering crack can be heard behind him!

Backed against the far wall, the doorway collapses, spilling pounds upon pounds of debris in front of his only exit. The entire building shakes with the immense release of energy and Gorgamesh feels the entire building coming down around him. By the grace of Gruumsh his small corner of the building has remained standing, for now; as dust continues to rain gently from the ceiling. 

In the silence of the city, the crash could certainly be felt from even the most distant crevice. But to Laucian but a few dozen yards away, it sounded and felt as though the gods themselves had taken up arms and begun to wage war with eachother in his presence. Seeing the rubble falling and the plume of dirt and dust rising, Laucian remembers that Gorgamesh had entered that building, but he did not see him walk out; now he's not sure if he ever will. Rushing to the wreckage Laucian begins calling for Gorgamesh, and looking for any signs of his survival. 

Hearing eachother speaking, our duo comes together on the easter side of the building, one inside, and one outside. After testing the wall Gorgamesh decides that he can break through it, without Laucians help. Once into the wall, with all his strength. Pop, crack, as the building begins shifting again against the brute force being exerted on its walls. Scythe in hand, Laucian prepares to cut his way through the wall to release Gorgamesh from this trap before it comes crashing down upon him. Preparing to swing, Gorgamesh again throws his full weight and full strength into what he knows to be a weakened outer wall. The wall strains under the force, and then explodes outward as the buckling weight above coupled with the outward force of Gorgameshes charge cause the wall to give way. 

Feet barely clearing the newly created hole, the storeroom almost immediately fills up with an immense pile of debris as the ceiling above collapses. Leaping to safety, Gorgamesh collides into Laucian as he was mid swing to begin breaking the wall. Together they tumble to the ground, unable to keep on their feet at the surprise of appearing upon eachother.

In surprise, and in utter shock at finding themselves so close to eachother, they remain on the ground a moment gathering thoughts. Staring into eachothers eyes, into eachothers souls. "Get off of me!" exclaims Gorgamesh as he grabs Laucian and tosses him off to the side so he can stand and return to the front of the building; evidently ready to be on his way. Laucian sits there for a moment, dumbfounded, before pulling himself together and at last standing and following behind Gorgamesh.

Together they begin to make haste away from this dead city, and continue on towards their destination. On their way out they come across a graveyard, an empty graveyard. Every grave exhumed. Every corpse gone. Not a single honored loved one left to rest in peace. Gorgamesh is ill at ease. These are his people. They are orc, they are strong. What could have happened here to so many?

As midday looms our duo reaches the SW edge of the city, life again begins to take hold and the sounds of animals cut through the silence easing the tension and lifting the heavy shroud that was hovering over our duo.

Now outside of the city, they can breathe normally again, it's almost as though they are no longer standing underneath some great waterfall.



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